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Area 51, Pictures Stored In A Greyhound Locker!

He didn't carry the pictures with him, however, for fear of being picked up while traveling from Los Angeles to Tucson. Instead, he made six copies and mailed or had them stored in various places, including locker #424 at the Greyhound bus terminal on Main Street, across the street from the Plaza hotel-casino. O'Ryan described and sketched what he had seen at Area 51--which he called "The Museum" because it was no longer the hub of secret aircraft research--as Stevens videotaped. Full story click here.

"Greyhound Shooting - December 7, 1998."  An awesome, true to life story by Officer, Glen Solden, of the Salina, Kansas, Police Department. Officer Solden, visited our website on 3/1/01, and posted the following:
I just toured some of your site, nice job! Thanks for the invitation to sign in. I wrote the page on the bus shooting for the benefit of all officers across the country. I appreciate the kind words and the fact you took time to sign in.  Visit my site at:

ADA's  VS.  Greyhound,
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Tuesday, March 20, 2001.

Woman died a few months after she was hit by a Greyhound bus  in 1999! 

    Greyhound, Negligent In Wrongful Death Suit. Now Must Pay $3.7 Million

The woman's family will receive $3.5 million because they had made an agreement with the bus company about any award before the verdict.

A Buena Vista jury awarded $3.7 million this month to the family of a woman hit and killed by a Greyhound bus in 1999. The verdict, reached in 30 minutes, is believed to be the largest ever in a wrongful death suit in Virginia.

    The award will be reduced by $200,000 because the woman's family and lawyers for Greyhound Lines Inc. had agreed any award would be between $1.5 million and $3.5 million.

    Thelma Lomax, 66, a retired professor at Southern Virginia College, was hit by the bus as she crossed a downtown street the day after Mother's Day 1999, according to Richmond lawyer Douglas Barry of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen, who represented Lomax's family. She had just met up unexpectedly with her husband, retired funeral home director William Lomax. The two then separated to run errands, Barry said.

    Thelma Lomax came out of a bank and crossed the street with the green light. She was about 3 feet from the far curb when the bus hit her while turning left, Barry said. William Lomax came out of the Buena Vista courthouse to see the bus stopped in the road and his wife's purple coat in the road before it.

    Thelma Lomax lingered in a coma for 3 1/2 months before dying from massive head wounds, Barry said.

    William Lomax and his adult son and daughter sued for $6 million. Just a few days before the trial, Greyhound's lawyers agreed to negotiate, admitting liability and cause of death and agreeing to the high and low for the award.

    Damages for medical and funeral expenses totaled about $225,000.

    Barry said he and co-counsel Christopher Guerdi had to convince the jury that even though Thelma Lomax's children were grown, their mother remained an integral part of their lives. "She somehow managed to be a mother, educator, disciplinarian and best friend" to her kids, Barry said.

    "I've represented a lot of people in wrongful death claims," he said. "There are obviously a lot of different levels of grief. This was true grief."

    Paul Fletcher, publisher of Virginia Lawyer's Weekly, said the largest previous wrongful death award was a $3.5 million settlement in a 1999 Louisa County case.

    Virginia's wrongful death statute gives juries wide discretion to award damages for sorrow, mental anguish and comfort, Fletcher said. Most wrongful death suits are settled before trial.




CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A crazed Kentucky wino turned a Greyhound bus trip into a swerving drive to Hell early Saturday.

After hijacking the bus and ranting death threats to the passengers, the hillbilly lunatic was attacked and suffocated by a pair of muscle-bound young men. When the cops finally got to the Charlotte-bound bus, 26-year-old Christopher Duffner lay dead in the Greyhound's stairwell.

"Maybe I did it," passenger Lamont Taylor told the Charlotte Observer. Taylor, along with passenger Patrick Crites, jumped Duffner at the end of the bizarre trip. "I held him by the throat until police came. I might have crushed his lungs ... I don't know ... The man deserves that. The man is sick."

Soon after Duffner boarded the Greyhound in Columbia, S.C. at just after midnight on Saturday, he held a metal shiv to driver Gene Sparks' neck and took over the bus, UPI reported. Sparks is credited with keeping a cool head as both Duffner and the passengers went berserk.

For the next 90 minutes, horrified riders watched as Duffner gulped Mad Dog wine, jabbered about killing everyone on board and swerved all over Interstate 77. Screaming mothers held hand-scrawled "HELP" signs up to passing cars and dumped garbage from the windows in hopes of attracting police. An off-duty Greyhound driver traveling on the bus, Gary Sutton, was initially able to restrain the men who eventually killed Duffner.

"I kept telling them, 'We have to wait. We have to let the driver handle this,'" Sutton told the Observer. Indeed, Sparks kept the maniac relatively calm for much of the terror ride. Duffner agreed to let one passenger off along the way, and to let children off the bus in Charlotte.

Demons Took Over

Yet the demons in Duffner's troubled head would not be quiet. The hijacker suddenly accused the kids on board of carrying guns, and at one point screamed, "No! I am not gay!"

By the time the bus rolled into Charlotte, Duffner said he would keep driving -- into the mountains, where he planned to kill everyone. Sparks decided it was time to act. He enlisted the help of Sutton, Taylor and Crites -- and then grabbed the Greyhound's parking brake while stomping the brake pedal. The bus skidded off the highway and bounced off a concrete barrier.

Sparks tumbled into the stairwell, with the maniac on top of him. Taylor and Crites jumped on Duffner, while Sutton took the wheel. When Sutton pulled over, cops and firefighters pried open the bus door and found Duffner dead -- with Sparks beneath the corpse.

No one else was seriously injured, cops say. And no one has been charged with Duffner's death.

Trouble All His Days

Christopher Duffner was described by his brother as a hulking young man who grew up in the east Kentucky town of Covington, in the hills south of the Ohio River. Duffner struggled with insanity and booze, his brother Joseph told the Observer.

Duffner was returning from a trip to Myrtle Beach, his brother said. The trip didn't work out too well: Just hours after arriving, Duffner was robbed, according to his brother.

Without a way home, Duffner called his brother Joseph, who bought a Greyhound ticket for him.

"I don't understand none of it," Joseph Duffner told the Observer.

Thursday 17 August 2000

Laidlaw cuts off funds for Greyhound


Despite being cut off from further cash by its money-losing corporate parent, Greyhound Lines Inc. said Wednesday it is in no danger of closing down as it urgently seeks outside financing.

"There's no way that the company will stop operating," Greyhound spokeswoman Kristin Parsley said from the bus line's headquarters in Dallas, Tex. "We're just looking for some third- party funding."

Questions about Greyhound's future arose after Burlington, Ont.-based Laidlaw said it could no longer provide working capital to the carrier after Laidlaw posted a staggering $1.95- billion nine-month loss.

Parsley said Greyhound management is "in substantial talks with financial institutions and they plan to make a decision within two months."

In a statement, Greyhound president Craig Lentzsch noted Greyhound has operated without Laidlaw help in the past.

"Prior to the Laidlaw transaction, Greyhound Lines was an independent company and had its own revolving credit agreement," said Lentzsch, who touted Greyhound's recent financial results.

Revenue for the first half of the year climbed 11.7 per cent to $49.7 million US, operating income rose to $7.3 million US and figures for passengers, load, yield and revenue per bus mile all showed improvement. Earnings before taxes and amortization jumped nearly 70 per cent to $28.8 million US despite a $9.5-million US jump in fuel costs.

Greyhound was once run as two entities, Calgary-based Greyhound Canada and the U.S.-based Greyhound Lines.

The two operations became one after Laidlaw, the owner of Greyhound Canada, bought the U.S. carrier in March 1999 for $470 million US and combined the companies.


NYSE Suspends Trading in Laidlaw Inc and Moves to Remove from the List

NEW YORK, December 22, 2000-- The New York Stock Exchange (the "NYSE") announced today that it determined that the common stock of Laidlaw Inc (the "Company") and its Laidlaw One, Inc. 5 3/4% Exchangeable Notes due 2000 -- ticker symbols LDW and UXL respectively -- should be suspended immediately. The Company has a right to a review of this determination by a Committee of the Board of Directors of the NYSE. Application to the Securities and Exchange Commission to delist the issues is pending the completion of applicable procedures, including any appeal by the Company of the NYSE staff's decision.

The Exchange's action is being taken in view of the fact that the Company is below the NYSE's continued listing criterion relating to: minimum share price of $1 over a 30 trading-day period with the Company's shares last trading at $0.09.

Additionally, the Company's press release issued on December 21, 2000 reported a net loss of $2.237 billion for its latest fiscal year, and the Company remains in default on its bank credit agreement and bond indentures and is in the process of a financial restructuring. The Company also, as a result, has recently fallen below the NYSE's minimum continued listing criterion relating to: total global market capitalization less than $50 million and total stockholders' equity less than $50 million.

The NYSE noted that it may, at any time, suspend a security if it believes that continued dealings in the security on the NYSE are not advisable.

Financial Forecast - 2003: Laidlaw - Greyhound, Within the next 2 years it is predicted that Greyhound will be sold to a foreign investor from the middle east. All drivers will be required to wear turbans on their heads, and stop at all 7/11 stores along their route. 
                               Dr. Brujo - G.E.W. Financial Wizard.

Laidlaw's last traded stock was $.09 per share - 1997 it was $21.00.

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This Greyhound's Going Nowhere


URGENT TAXPAYER bulletin: The Federal Budget Surplus Crisis has become so severe that there is now serious talk in Washington of letting you keep slightly more of your own money.

That is correct: The government has been taking in so much of your money that even Congress is having a hard time spending it all. Not that Congress isn't trying! In fact, in recent years Congress, faced with the alarming buildup of your money, has come up with some truly creative things to spend it on. My favorite is the Greyhound Bus Museum.

I am not making the Greyhound Bus Museum up. It's in Hibbing, Minn.

("Gateway to the Greater Hibbing Area"). As every history student should know, Hibbing is the birthplace of Greyhound, which started as a small bus company and then grew, in historic fashion, into what it is today; a large bus company.

I'm sure that every taxpayer-especially every taxpayer who has ever had to take a long bus trip sitting near the toilet-often thinks: "I hope and pray that at least some tiny portion of the tax money I worked so hard for is used to help finance a bus museum in a city that I will probably never visit unless I happen to be in a plane that crashes there!" Well, taxpayers, your prayers have been answered, thanks to U.S. Rep. Jim "Jim" Oberstar (D-Minn.), who represents (surprise!) Hibbing. Not only did Jim procure $80,000 in federal money for the Greyhound museum, but he also boasted about it in a press release, which I imagine you taxpayers also paid for.

This press release states that the $80,000 came from an act of Congress called the "Transportation Efficiencies Act for the 21st Century." The release further states that, initially, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MN/ DOT) "wasn't certain" that the Greyhound museum "fit the criteria" for the Transportation Efficiencies Act. But as Oberstar points out, he was "a key architect of the legislation," and thus was "in a better position to help MN/ DOT understand how Congress intended the money to be used." You tell 'em, Jim! Don't let those dopes at MN/DOT prevent you from spending our money as you see fit! If a bus museum doesn't epitomize the true meaning of Transportation Efficiency for the 21st century, then I don't know what does! Of course, the bus museum is only one of many, many examples of how Congress is working to ease the dangerous buildup of your money in Washington. Thanks to Congress, you're also paying $1.5 million for sunflower research and $176,000 for the Reindeer Herders Association.

No, really! Unfortunately, we cannot put a serious dent in our dangerously high budget surplus by spending pathetic amounts like $1.5 million. That is why we should be thankful to leaders such as U.S. Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.), who has, over the years, spent more than 1 billion taxpayer dollars in his relentless, ongoing effort to improve West Virginia by covering the entire surface of the state with a gigantic slab of federal concrete (which will be named "The Robert Byrd Concrete Slab").

And let us not forget Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.), a man so concerned about our naval preparedness that he demanded that the U.S. Navy be given-for starters-$375 million for a helicopter assault ship to be built in (surprise!) Lott's hometown. In pushing this vital naval project through, Lott had to overcome the resistance of...well, the Navy. That's right: The Navy did not want this ship.

Fortunately, Lott is not the kind of candypants leader to let some upstart outfit like the U.S. Navy tell him what our naval needs are, any more than Rep.

Oberstar is going to let the so-called "Minnesota Department of Transportation" tell him about transportation.

I could talk about many other heroic efforts by our leaders to reduce the federal budget surplus. But the tragic fact is, they have failed. The surplus has reached such alarming levels that it now appears likely that Congress may actually reduce your taxes slightly.

Of course, Congress must first argue for months about exactly which of you taxpayers are worthy of being allowed to keep slightly more of your money. And no matter what Congress decides, the odds are that you, personally, won't get much tax relief-certainly nowhere near Reindeer Herder Association money.

But still, thanks to the generosity of Congress, some day-perhaps as early as next year-you might be able to afford a slightly nicer summer vacation! The Greyhound Bus Museum is open from May 15 through the end of September.


Greyhound sucks

To: Greyhound Lines, Inc.

I depend on public transportation to get me where I need to go. I recently had a problem with the staff attitude at Greyhound Lines, Inc. that left me extremely upset, and I am writing in the hope that you can help me resolve this situation.

My father was in a coma for 6 weeks. Every weekend I would take the bus from New York City to King of Prussia, PA to visit him. Upon my return to New York after his funeral, my luggage was nowhere to be found. The bus driver was unhelpful in attempting to help me locate it and I had to ask a maintenance worker where to go for the lost luggage. I stood in line for approximately an hour to fill out the form. I waited for several days and heard nothing. I called the various bus stations where the bus had stopped and learned that no one from Greyhound had called to investigate the disappearance of my luggage.

After weeks of getting the runaround, I received a letter stating that I was not eligible to be compensated for my lost luggage due to the fact that I did not check-in my luggage (despite the fact that the woman at the King of Prussia station did print out a luggage ticket with my name on it) even though it is not possible to check-in your luggage anywhere along the Philadelphia - New York route.

I called the claim agent in charge of my case and was rudely told that there was no appeal process and there was nothing she could do to help me and that I should stop wasting her time.

I should mention that I had items that belonged to my father stored in my suitcase. Those items have no estimated value, because they were invaluable to me. I merely asked for compensation for the clothes that I bought during my final trip home because my stay was extended due to the unexpected death of my father.

I filed a complaint with Customer Service in response to my treatment and abuse and never heard anything back.

I have to say that I have never encountered such rude and uninterested people than I have in my experience with Greyhound. As a result, I refuse to take Greyhound or any of their affiliate companies - even though it costs more, I will for now on rent a car, fly or take Amtrak, rather than risk my life or belongings in the hands of such an unresponsive and uncaring corporation.

I believe that everyone - especially paying customers, should be entitled to good service. When I bought a ticket with your company, it's because your prices can't be beat and your route took me closer to my destination.

When I book a trip through you, I'd estimate that I spend $40.00. I am not willing to spend a cent more than I do now, even if you address this issue. It's very unlikely that I will ever ride with you again. I have shared my experience with pretty much every one I know and suggest that they avoid Greyhound too.

At the very least, it would have been nice just to get a letter apology for the whole incident. In the future you should re-consider your policy since you do not allow luggage over a certain size on the bus, than you should have a tracking method for luggage, so that some other unsuspecting future rider doesn't have to deal with your rude employees.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I eagerly await your response.

Regina B.
New York, NY